Well this is new....

Not just the blog, this whole situation. How is everyone coping? It’s been a long week hasn’t it?! I’m trying not to think about how long this could go on for, I’d drive myself mad. One day at a time....

I miss the shop. I miss work. But we’re all healthy and happy and that really is all that matters at the moment isn’t it. It certainly makes you realise how lucky we all are; the things we have, the things we do and the people around us. 

So for now, we will try and keep you updated on here. I’m going to try and show products each week, give you ideas for your home and hopefully bring a smile to some faces. If you need a giggle take a look at our stories on instagram, we have a highlight called ‘Craziness’ that has our silly pics and video’s from the shop.

You can still order online for local delivery (doorstep drop, use Click & Collect) or while the courier is still working we can send out. Every order helps to keep us going.

For now, stay safe, stay home and stay positive.


Kerry, Chloe & Mary 🖤