⭐️ Spring Fair ⭐️

So on Sunday Chloe and I ventured to the NEC for the Spring Fair. To say it was chockablock full of vendors is an understatement! 

After leaving at stupid o'clock (7am to be precise, but early for a Sunday!) and driving through thick fog, it was worth the back, neck and foot ache for all the lovely things we saw. It was lovely to catch up with some of our suppliers and agents, meet new ones and place lots of orders! We had made a pact in the car that we would only order from the one supplier we had agreed to see, and just 'look' at the rest! PAH! We shouldn't be allowed out together! It's all just too tempting when its all laid out and looks so beautiful!

We actually started ordering for Christmas with one supplier!! Scary but a necessity if you want the good stuff! We chose some beautiful pieces that we are going to forget about and have the surprise of opening when they arrive in October!

We wandered all day, 12500 steps by my watch (this caused great hilarity on my part as Chloe's only recorded her doing 9000!!) and finally at 5.45, 15 minutes before the show closed, we found the hall we had missed and lots of suppliers we wanted to see! Needless to say it was a whirlwind visit to Hall 1 'Home' where we ooh'd and ahh'd over funiture, mirrors and accessories.  Our cushion and throw supplier kindly stayed late so we could place an order for Spring cushions and throws, which just about finished us off!

So we have new soft furnishing coming, including some very exciting personalised cushions from a new supplier. New homeware also coming that we are very excited about too, new greeting cards and placemats (also very exciting personalised ones!) and a few other bits and pieces. 

All in all a great day, well worth a visit.

Keep your eyes peeled for new updates and announcements!

Kerry & Chloe