Back to 'Normal??

As the title suggests, we might be back but its definitely a new normal! I'm sure everyone feels the same, the world has changed a lot over the last 4 months. Some good, some bad. But we're all adjusting and getting used to life after the world shut down for three months.

As a small business, we were lucky to have our website already working well for us. Without it, being closed for 12 weeks would have been detrimental to our business.  We knew we had a loyal customer base, but we truly didn't expect the level of support we received during lockdown, you're all amazing and we are so grateful for your continued support.  

Small, local businesses always need your support. Our high street's need your support. It might be easier to buy everything under one roof, but you don't get the same personal service and build a relationship with a big chain store that you do with a small business. We hope those of you who have been utilising all of our amazing small businesses over lockdown continue to shop local. 

We have great plans going forward, keep your eyes peeled for new stock, new deals and of course just us being silly and making you smile!

Kerry, Chloe & Mary x